Thursday, 18 August 2016

Why visit the awe-inspiring Pilanesberg for your next safari?

Only once you understand something, can you truly appreciate it – that is the lesson of the Pilanesberg National Park, and there is so much that you need to know.  

Putting the reasons together why it would be of value to visit the Pilanesberg National Park just reminds us how crazy cool this place is and how much fun it is writing about it.

We get to go there regularly(it’s a tough life ;-), so our hearts swell with excitement at the thought of its narrative. From its beginning as a hellish volcano with eruptions that would blow the budget of any blockbuster movie five times over, and its tear-at-the-heart history, being established amid a tumultuous political era in South Africa, to the re-introduction of thousands of animals to repopulate the park, a garden of Eden project if you will, to being the only landscaped park in SA!